New York Times Square Broadcasted “Ringing The Harmony Bell, Welcome Lunar New Year, Wishing Winter Olympics Success” [ Video]

AMTV, New York, Feb 2 – On the afternoon of January 31, 2022, the countdown to the Winter Olympics was broadcasted on the Disney screen 43rd street screen in Times Square, New York, until February 1, 2022. The film showed many United Nations personalities and key U.S. dignitaries and cultural stars wishing for the New Year of the Tiger and the Winter Olympics. It is reported that this event is jointly organized by World Harmony Foundation and the Peaceever TV, and was broadcasted on the screen in Times Square, New York, with senior UN officials, US dignitaries and cultural celebrities wishing Asian people a happy Lunar New Year and success for the Beijing Winter Olympics, adding a festive touch to New York.

As Times Square, one of the world’s most famous media and advertising capital, celebrates the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, a beautiful sight appears on the two prime view screens, the Disney screen (between 45th and 46th Streets) and the 43rd Street corner screen: UN agencies, American politicians, singers and other international peace-loving celebrities congratulating Asians for Lunar New Year and sent their best wishes for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

The reporter noticed that the screen first broadcasted the video with the logo of the Winter Olympic Games and the theme of the Winter Olympic Games, “Together to the Future,” the skiers of the Winter Olympic Games, the World Harmony Bell, the logo of the World Harmony Foundation and the logo of Peaceever TV, and showed the Chinese spiritual theme of “Beijing Welcomes You” and “Community of Human Destiny” to the world.

On these screens, a video of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and President of the 76th session of the General Assembly congratulated Asians around the world on the New Year and wished the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games a success. In addition, the President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Collen Vixen Kelapile, and the President of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Muhammad Bande, rang the “Golden Bell of World Harmony” to welcome the New Year at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, sending the message of “Happy New Year! Wishing you sustainable peace and security!” They also wished the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games a great success.

American politicians have also wished the Asian community a good Lunar New Year. Tom Suozzi, a prominent U.S. Democratic Congressman and candidate for New York Governor, said an authentic Chinese phrase: “恭喜发财!(Wishing you prosperity and wealth!”) which brought him closer to the Asian and Chinese community. He said, “As a descendant of Italian-Americans, I appreciate the contributions of all Asians and Chinese for their hard work, education, helping families, developing businesses, and helping communities grow and make America a better place. As the Year of the Tiger approaches, I wish my Asian and Chinese friends good health and success in their endeavors! And I wish you a successful Winter Olympic Games!”

On behalf of the Congressional Committee on Asian Americans, Democratic Congresswoman Zhaowen Meng, the first prominent female legislator of Chinese descent in the eastern United States, extended her wishes as well. She is also the first legislator to propose to Congress to make Lunar New Year a legal holiday in the United States. In addition, Washington State Lieutenant Governor Denny Heck, on behalf of the state government, extended wishes to Asians around the world. Bellevue, Washington Mayor Lynne Robinson and Deputy Mayor Jared Nieuwenhuia said, “Happy New Year and wishing you prosperity and wealth! Beijing Winter Olympic Games coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year. On behalf of the City of Bellevue, we wish the Beijing Winter Olympics success.”

Toshiko Hasegawa, Commissioner (Director) of the Port of Seattle, Washington, takes this opportunity to send Lunar New Year greetings to our people of Asian descent around the world. She is looking forward to the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will be held during the Lunar New Year. She is confident that the event will showcase the skills and abilities of the world’s best snow and ice athletes and will be the most exciting Winter Olympic Games ever. Not only that, Jimmy Matta, Mayor of Burien, Washington, was very excited after participating in the “Chinese welcome Winter Olympics” event, saying, “We are very happy to participate in today’s event to wish Beijing the Winter Olympics, and I believe that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a success.” All the audience were infected by his passion and cheered.

The mayor of Denver, the former host of the Winter Olympics, expressed his best wishes to the Asian communities for the New Year and said with great enthusiasm, “We must bring the Winter Olympics back to Denver!”

As the Winter Olympics approaches, the United Nations General Assembly held a General Assembly specifically for this Winter Olympics. 173 countries unanimously adopted a resolution on the Winter Olympics Truce, advocating all UN member states to eliminate differences with dialogue, enhance knowledge, and replace confrontation with cooperation, demonstrating the international community’s firm determination to achieve peace, unity, and solidarity, and to move together into the future. This is relevant to the current crisis-ridden regions such as Ukraine and the Korean Peninsula.

The countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Times Square in New York City was organized by the World Harmony Foundation and Peaceever TV, who joined hands with the United Nations, U.S. dignitaries and celebrities to promote the “Community of Human Destiny” and make a call to the world for peacemaking, reflecting the grand spirit of the United Nations and the Olympics.

The “World Harmony Bell” ringing at the event was made by the World Harmony Foundation (WHF), an NGO of the United Nations Environment Programme. The bell was made from bullet casings donated by Chinese and American veterans and scrap brass and iron collected by Chinese and American students, symbolizing the transformation of conflict into peace, environmental protection, and greenery, and is loved by the United Nations. It was invited by the United Nations as a totem for the opening of the celebration on the 60th anniversary of the United Nations. The first ringers of the Harmony Bell were Secretary-General Annan, the President of the General Assembly, and the President of the Security Council, followed by the two Presidents of Timor-Leste, and several prominent members of Congress of the United States ringing the Harmony Bell on Capitol Hill. The Harmony Bell was invited to the 7th United Nations Global Forum in Vienna, Europe, and was also invited by the Olympic Organizing Committee to participate in the United Nations 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and to ring the Harmony Bell together with many champions.

The World Harmony Bell was last rung in November 2021 at the 26th United Nations Climate Conference, where it sounded as a reminder of the planet’s rising temperatures. On the Chinese New Year and the Beijing Winter Olympics, the President of the UN Economic and Social Council, and the President of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly rang the Harmony Bell again for the “Lunar New Year and Winter Olympics”. They both received the 2022 World Harmony Award for Outstanding Contribution to World Harmony, which was presented by Frank Liu, President of the World Harmony Foundation, and has been given to several former heads of state before.

At the same time as the Times Square Disney screen was rolling, the reporter saw an attractive scene in front of the screen: the Winter Olympics mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon dancing with the music, attracting a large number of tourists who came up to take pictures with the mascot. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games mascots were brought to Times Square by the World Harmony Foundation, and for the first time, the image of the mascots were used to express the Chinese cultural atmosphere, reflecting the friendly spirit of celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Tiger together with people from all over the world.